Jennifer Louden: Mennesker der skaber sig kreativt er modige

Jennifer Louden

Jennifer Louden & Forfatterhjørnet

In this episode of the Danish podcast Writer´s Corner (Forfatterhjørnet) I´m talking to Jennifer Louden from the United States.

She has written 7 books including the Womans comfort book and she is a bestselling writer.

Jennifer Louden has been on Oprah.

And is quoted in two of Brené Brown’s books!

But this is not why I love her and I want you to know her.


Get your scary sh*t done!

Jennifer Louden

I have taken her online courses Teach Now and Get your Scary sh*t done.

And they have changed the way I talk to myself.

And it has made it more fun to teach or create.

She is also one of the most generous and present online course creators and teachers I know.

And a rolemodel for me.


Listen to this ….

In today’s episode we talk about the importance of:

  • Conditions of Enoughness
  • Selfcare
  • A cruelty free zone
  • to focus on the creative process and not on the finish line
  • Define our done and celebrate – even the baby steps
  • To find pleasure in the present and not be wishing your life away


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Favorite quote in this episode

“My students sometimes say: I don´t know what to write. I have nothing to say.

But then I give them an exercise, and they´ll be scribling away.

There is more inside of you than can ever be expressed in this lifetime!


Create … now

If you want to create something this fall, then you can check Jen Louden´s course out.

I really love it and the first round helped me publish my homepage (this one).

And on the second round I creating my first online course (About writing your memory of a loved one).

It is the last time the programme will be offered live: